Become a Partner of Our Church

Become a Partner of Our Church

Join a friendly community committed to serving God

Whether you're a long-time Christian looking for a new place of worship, or you're interested in beginning your journey with Christ, you have a home at Beyond Salvation Ministries. Our mission statement is to teach, equip, save and lead others to become fully devoted followers of Christ. We come together to support each other as if we're all members of the same earthly family.

Our congregation isn't made up of members, but of church partners who have such an important role in our mission. If you're interested in becoming a partner, please fill out the form. Speak with our pastor today if you have any questions about joining our church.

How can joining a church amplify your relationship with God?

At Beyond Salvation Ministries, we're committed to strengthening our faith through worship, study and service. When you join us, you can:

Connect with others: Get to know a supportive group of kind, like-minded Christians.
Serve those in need: Take part in our community service projects and outreach programs.
Celebrate and worship: Attend our services to honor your faith and worship with others.
Explore the word of God: Ask questions and gain insights during our weekly Bible study.

We'll support you in every step of your journey with Christ. Call (470) 748-6494 now for more information about our church.